Glara ApS CVR 40128409 was founded in 2018 with the aim of importing and exporting the highest quality natural stones between Denmark and our international partners in the future. Over the past 7 years, we have had the privilege of collaborating with numerous companies, allowing us to present our high-quality products in the Danish market.

Our mission is to introduce a completely new and high-quality product that stands out uniquely worldwide – ensuring that our customers have the opportunity to stand out! Therefore, we only work with the best natural stones on the international market – Glarastone.

We prioritize ensuring that our customers here in Denmark have access to the absolute best product at a very good price, and we have no doubt that Glara with Glarastone can deliver just that. It is the perfect match of quality and price.

Today, we already collaborate with over 200 selected quarries around the world, from which we import various types of natural stones from countries such as Greece, Egypt, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Israel, and China.

We are constantly in touch with our suppliers and are happy to visit them frequently – primarily to select the most beautiful natural stones with colors that are relevant in Scandinavia to match you as a customer, but also to help ensure and develop different finishes on each stone to maintain their high quality and unique look, and equally important – that our suppliers adhere to the agreements regarding working conditions, child labor, etc.

All our suppliers have signed a Code of Conduct.

At Glara Stone ApS, we have chosen to focus on the types of stones that we believe provide the greatest and best experiences. Both visually and in terms of comfort.

For indoor use, we primarily work with Travertine, Marble, Natural Slate, and Limestone.

For outdoor use, we work with Travertine, Natural Slate, Sandstone, and Granite.

Knowledge and Service

At Glara Stone ApS, service and knowledge are integral parts of the business. We are aware that natural stone is entirely new to many Danes. Therefore, it is especially important for us to inform you as a customer so that you feel comfortable throughout the process – before, during, and after purchase. In doing so, we ensure that the natural stones receive the recognition they deserve, while the customer gets the experience that a natural stone naturally offers.

It is no secret that we, as employees at Glara Stone ApS, love and cherish natural stones and the experiences that, according to us, naturally accompany their use in construction. Therefore, we can also make the difference that should and must be when dealing with high-quality products as we do at Glara Stone ApS.

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Azad Kamalifar

Sales Manager

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