Why is Secure Data Management Important?

Secure Data Management is the practice of establishing standards and company policies to ensure the integrity and security of data over time. This includes things like limiting access to data by placing it behind passwords, employing robust encryption tools, and ensuring that all logins require two-factor authentication. It also means that the databases are set up with the best practices in mind to prevent attacks, prevent loss in the event of breaches, and help to identify what data was compromised.

It is important to remember that this is a process, and that companies must take it as a top priority to follow the standards at all times, or risk the repercussions of not being responsible with customer data. This could result in lawsuits and bad press, or even losing customers who changed brands after a data breach.

Step 1 – Inventory All Users and categorize This is the process of creating all of the groups site link of users who must interact with the system and define the rights that their basic rights will be. This doesn’t have to be a perfect science, but should be as precise as possible so that access controls aren’t overly vast and useless.

Once this is completed, it’s necessary to establish a chain of custody for every interaction with the system as well as any changes to data. This will provide the basis for any future lawsuits and give customers peace of mind when they are concerned that their personal information is being shared with wrong individuals.

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