Merrill Datasite Review

Merrill datasite provides solutions for M&A transactions as well as other financial transactions. They provide expert advice and insight that help to reduce the time spent, while making it easier and more efficient. They have been in operation since 1968. They are based in the United States, but they work globally. They are a trusted supplier to thousands of clients such as real estate agencies and law firms. They have been known for their outstanding customer service, which is constantly impressing their clients.

The full-featured merrill datasite can be accessed via a web browser or mobile application. It is free and can be used in multiple languages. It is simple to navigate and synchronizes to other devices. It comes with a variety of tools that can help users organize their files. It also has a Q&A feature. The mobile application allows users to easily locate documents while on the go. It is able to automate security settings by using Okta or OneLogin.

Merrill datasite along with its robust security and technology features, provides 24/7/365 live support and multilingual customer service. Users can talk to representatives in the language of their choice. Administrators can also see the access of users to uploaded documents and provides real-time information. The company is particularly attentive to the security and backup of its clients’ data by storing them in Microsoft Azure.

OCR is a different feature of the Datasite merrill. It allows you to search for text across multiple languages. This is an excellent feature for those who have to work with large volumes of information in multiple languages. Additionally, it has an intuitive search bar that makes it simple for users to find relevant information quickly.

Other features of merrill Datasite are the Q&A tool, which simplifies communication between parties. Document categorization, search by keyword or date are also accessible. Its 256-bit SSL ensures the security of information both when it is in transit and in rest. It also features two-factor authentication, meaning that unauthorised users cannot access the system. It is compatible with a large variety of operating systems and web browsers.

Users can choose from a variety sizes for their data. The largest size is 50 GB. However, the smaller storage options are adequate for the majority of companies. Additionally, the system uses a hybrid model and can store data on cloud-based servers as well on local computers.

Merrill Corporation was founded in 1968 and originally focused on business-to-business printing and mailing services. They later expanded to M&A software. They are headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and have an office in London. The company has a long history of delivering quality products and services to its customers, and is the leader in M&A software.

The datasite virtual due diligence platform helps optimize the M&A process by making it easier and speeding up the sharing of business-related information between parties. It also enhances communication with the integrated Q&A and superior project management services, all while ensuring compliance with industry security standards. Merrill datasite provides streamlined document management via bulk uploading, intelligent categorization and AI redaction. It also offers broad-based searches at the document level, and real-time activity reports, as well as an international support team.

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